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It is our aim to source and supply top quality products.Brushes can be made to order and certain types of brushes re-bristled on request.

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Plating Brush - Fibre
Code PBF
Plating Brush - Blue Nylon 1 firm
Code PBB
Plating Brush - Clear Nylon - firm
Code PBN
Bannister Brush CoCo or Java
Code BBC300
Petrol Wash Brush - Java
Petrol Wash Brush - Nylon
Code PWN100

S" Shaped Scrub
Code 8044
Lathe Brush
Code 33011
Branding Brush - Soft
Code BBS001
Builders Whitewash
Code BWW200


Workshop Broom -Complete with handle & Metal Bracket
Code WSB005

Nylon Yard Broom - complete
with handle & Metal Bracket
900mm -
750mm -
Code NYB003

Bassine Cane Front Broom - complete with handle
With Metal Bracket
Code BCF002
Cane Mix Broom - complete
with handle
With Metal Bracket
Code CM002
Bassine/Cane Mix - Complete with handle
With Metal Bracket
Trojan Broom - Complete with metal bracket.
Soft Outer/Stiff Inner
355mm -
455mm -
610mm -
760mm -
915mm -
355mm Hi Viz Road/ Broom Complete
(excl metal bracket)
-complete with handle & bracket)
Code PYB14
355mm Dairy Broom - Complete
(excl metal bracket)
(incl metal bracket)
Code DB14
Soft Den Nylon Broom
30" -
36" -

Code DNB003
Gutter/Broom Complete with Handle
Deck Scrubber & Handle
Firm Bristle
(Limited Stock
450mmMedium Stiff Poly Broom
Head Only
Code B12131
Deleted Grey Flagged Broom with Wooden Handle
450mm -
600mm -
Concrete Finishing Broom Complete with Handle
Horsehair Broom
Code 72310
Azlon Broom
Medium Bristle
Code 72410
311 Broom - Complete with handle
Code 311
312 Broom 300mm(Bristle/Fibre mix)
Extra soft
Complete Broom

Code 312
Household Broom
Medium PVC Bristle
Complete with Handle
Broom Station (Brooms & Pan not included)
Code BS1200

(No Discounts)
T12/1 Dry Vacuum Cleaner 12ltr capacity
NT 27/1 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner 27ltr capacity
NT35/1 Tact Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner 35lt

Puzzi 100 Spray extraction cleaner - 10/9ltr fresh/dirt water capacity
HD 511 C Compact cold-water high pressure cleaner.Operating press - 115/11.5(bar/MPa
HDS 698 C Eco EU
3-Phase unit, compact hot water high pressure cleaner.
Pressure 30-160/3-16(bar/Mpa)
KM 70/20C Compact indoor/outdoor sweeper - single arm.2800m/h x 480 width

KM70/20 C 2SB Push Sweeper
Dual Arm 3680 m/h x 480mm wide
KM 70/30 C Bp Pack Adv
Battery Driven 12v/150w
2800m/h x 480 width


Seed Cleaning Brush- Made to order
Code SCB
Calf Feeder Cleaning Brush 200mm x 90mm x 2m
Code CFB200
Woolshed Broom - Firm 535mm
Code WSB535
Wool Shed Scraper - Complete -
Code WSS350
Roller Door Bird Brush (1.2m)
Code RDB1200
Busy Bee Rotary Brush
Code BBR006
Rotary Brush - Multifit
Code MF600
Pad Drive
305mm,355mm &405mm
Code PD305
Medium Boot Cleaner Brush
260mmW x 270mmL
Code 80300
Boot Cleaner
Replacement Brushes
Code 80118
Heavy Duty Boot Cleaner
(Dairy Farms, turf,mud etc)

Replacement Brushes

Limited Stock
Mini Boot Brush - Schools, smaller shoes.
Code Mini300
Boot Dust Cleaner
(Soft Fibre Bristle - workshop into office areas, dusty areas etc)
Code BDUST355
Dredging Brush 180mm x 110dia x 21mm trim
Code DRED180
Nylon Wheel Brush. Fits on Bench Grinder. Firm Bristle 30mm W x 180mm Dia.
Code NWB

Deer Velvet Stripping Brush
220mm(D) x 110(W) - Hollow Core
Made to Order )
Code DWHC220
Deer Velvet Stripping Brush
220mm(D) x 110(W) -Solid Core
Made to Order
Code DWSC220
Truck Washer Brushes - 225 Inner Dia x 600 Outer Dia - Soft Bristle
Code TRU600

Truck Washer Brushes assembled
Code TRU600
Trommel Brush
225mm Inner Dia x 600 Outer Dia x
1200mm L sections
Code Trommel
Made to Spec

Tennant Broom- Rebristled
Road Broom Sections
355 x 180mm
Refill -
355 x 255mm

Refill -
Code RBS355
Power Broom
Conveyer belt cleaning brush
600mm x 160mm x 60mm core
Solid Core
Code CSC
Hollow Core
Code CHC
Push Sweeper Refill Brush

Code PS750
Drag Broom1
100mmx50x1.2m -
100mmx50x1.5m -
100mmx50x1.8m -
100mm50x2.1m -
100mmx50x2.4m -
100mmx50x2.7m -
Code DB1050
Drag Broom2
100mmx75x1.8m -
100mmx75x2.1m -
100mmx75x2.7m - 3
Code DB1075
Eazi Sweep
1500mm Frame and Brooms
2000mm Frame and Brooms


Hydroponic Brush
100mm x 50mm
with alloy thread fitting
Code HYD 1050


rain Shovel

Code AT01676
Grain/Snow Shovel (Plastic)
Code AT01674
#2 Shovel Round Mouth - Atlas
#2 Shovel Round Mouth - Atlas
Mini Shovel -Atlas
Code ET67712

#2 Gardeners Shovel
- Long Wood Handle
Code AT01608
Long Fibreglass Handle
Code AS00608
#3 Atlasl Round Mouth Shovel
#3 Atlas W/M Shove
Code AT02606
Deleted Trenching Spade
Code AT03613

Deleted #2 Round Mouth Shovel
Fibreglass Handle
Tempered Steel
Trenching Spade
Grain Shovel - Polypropylene
1035L x 334W x 410D
Code 7854
D- Handle Shovel - Polypropylene
1111L x 341W x 395D
Code 7860
T-Handle Shovel - Polypropylene
966L x 247W x 315D
Code 7861
Coloured Shovels - Polypropylene Food
Grade - Assorted Clours - Top Quality
D-Handle Utility Fork
Polypropylene - Food Grade
1130L x 330W x 396D
Code 7848
D- Handle Uni -Fork - Polypropylene
1020L x 270W x 130D
-(on special order only)
Code 7850
Heavy Duty Coal Shovel
Solid Thick Metal

Shovel & Brush set
Coal Shovel
Code AD031
Brush & Coal Shovel Set
Code AD032
14 Tooth Rake (Braced)
Code AT05105
Concrete Rake Head only 500mm x 3mm thick- Solid NZ Made
Code CRH500
600mm x 3mm thick
Code CRH600
Flat Rake Bracket - 300mm x 25mm
Code FRB30025
Flat Rake Frame - 600mm Steel
To attach wooden piece
Code FR400

H/Duty Plastic D/R Squeegee
550 mm
With fibreglass Handle
Code NYL 001
Limited Stock

Vero Squeegee - Double Rubber
45cm -
75cm -
Colour Coded Alloy Handle
Dairy Shed Squeegee 600mm
Code ET917C
Wooden Squeegee - Complete
305mm - Code 20114
455mm - Code 20118
610mm - Code 20124
760mm - Code 20130
915mm - Code 20136


Cut off Wheel - Metal
100mm x 16mm
Code CO 100A16
Cutting Disc (Metal)- Depressed Centre
100mm x 16mm
Code DC100A16
Masonry Cutting Disc - Depressed Centre
100mm x 16mm
Code DC100C16
Flap Wheel 6mm Shaft


Retractable Utility Knife
Code RUK65
Window Scraper
Code SCR300
Plastic Snap Knife
Small Snap Knife -Professional
Small Snap Blade 10ea
Utility Blade 5Pack


25mm x 1.35m Extra H/Duty Alloy Handle- colour coded - NZ made
Code Brushwr/H

(Longer Handles available - 1.8m)
22mm x 1.25m Budget Handle
Code BUDG22
25mm x 1.35m Broom Handle
Silver Beech-
Code BH135

25mm x 1.5m Broom Handle
Silver Beech -

Code BH150

Threaded end added
Silver Beech -

28mm x 1.35m Broom Handle
Code BH2818
22mm x 1.2mThreaded Handle
Silver Beech -
Code TC22
Silver Beech - Plain Handle
Code PH22
900mm BE Sledgehammer Handle
Large Eye

Black Beach
Hickory -
Code BE900
750mm Sledgehammer Handle
Black Beach

Code SH750
900mm Sledgehammer Handle -
Small Eye

Black Beach
Hickory -

Code SE900
900mm Sledgehammer Handle -
Large Eye

Black Beach
Hickory -

Code LE900
900mm Maul Handle
American Hickory

Code MH900
900mm Pick Handle
Black Beech
Code PH900
Axe Handle - American Hickory

Code AH26
1500mm x 30mm Handle
Shovel Handle - Ash Wood (Long)
Code SH23
28mm x 1.5m Rake Handle
Silver Beech
Code RH150
Flat Rake Handle
1500mm x 30mm
Code FRH 300
D Grip Spade Handle
Silver Beech

Code DSH1611
350mm-450mm Hammer Handle
Imported Hardwood/ Black Beech

Code HH350

Pitch Fork Handle 1.4m

Sledgehammer Handle - Fibreglass
28mm x 36mm

Broom Handle - Fibreglass
1600mm -
Code GTHB1
1800mm -
Code GTHB2
2000mm -
Code GTHB3
Rake Handle 28mm x 1800mm- Fibreglass
Code GTHR1
28mm x 2000mm
Maul complete with handle
(New Zealand made)
6lb -
8lb -
10lb -
12lb -

Log Splitter
6lb Hickory Handle -
Code LSH
6lb Fibreglass Handle -
Code LSFH6

Sledgehammer Handles Supplied & Fitted
Broom Brace
Code BBS

Broom Brace Large
Code BBL
Broom Bracket - 28mm
Code BHB28
"'D" Grip
Code DG1162
Chisel Handle - Standard
Beech Wood
22mm x 125mm
Code CHI 002
Chisel Handle - Firmer End
Selected Oak - 140mm x 35mm
Code CHI 003
Chisel Handle -Leather End
Selected Oak - 145mm x 35mm
Code CHI 004
Chisel Handle -Registered End
Selected Oak -145mm x 35mm
Code CHI 005
Chisel Handle - Standard
Beech Wood
22mm x 100mm
Code CHI 001
Mutton Cloth Gr 1
per kg

Code MUTT1250
Towelling Cloth - 5Kg
Code TOW165

Please note! - Use the description and code underneath pictures to identify items when ordering.

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