Wash Brushes

We have a selected range of wash brushes and extension handles suitable for the washing and rinsing of vehicles such as motor cars,trucks, busses and caravans. Our brushes are made of plastic stock and filled with soft nylon or den bristles. A water channel inside the brush allows water to flow through the handle attachment and onto the bristles.Soap pellets are also available for use with wash brushes.These brushes are of high quality and durable and we are more than happy to call in and show you our products at your request.

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Car Brush
Medium Soft
Code AY338

Carwash Deluxe
Ultra Soft
Code AV345
Car Kind Gong Brush
Ultra Soft
Code AT171
Aquamax Car Brush
Medium Soft
Code 1069
Air Vent Cleaning Brush -Nylon
Code AVB 101
Mag Wheel Brush
Nylon Bristle - NZ MadeSoft
Code MWB 002
Mag Wheel Brush
Soft High Quality Bristle - NZ Made
Code MWB 001
Raven Wash Brush 220mm
Soft Fill

Code 1030
Telescopic Water Brush
1 - 2m Code 1022
1.6 3m Code 1023
Aquamax Brush Head
Soft Fill
Code 1063
Aquamax Combo
Medium Soft
1m complete with Brush -
1.5m complete with Brush
1.4 - 2.7m telescopic
complete with Brush Code 1062
Van Wash Brush 250mm (New Zealand Made) - Top Quality
Ultra Soft Fill
Code AY350
Waterway Head - 200mm (New Zealand Made)
Firm Bristle
Code BA269
200mm Superior Waterway Head- -
Medium Soft
(Complete with 3.6m extension Handle)

Waterway Head - 200mm(New Zealand Made) - Top Quality
Medium Soft Fill
Code BA264
Utility Brush 250mm
Medium Soft Fill
Code 71710
Truckwash - Nylex Fill - Soft
355mm Code 73114
455mm -
Code 73118
610mm - Code 73124
Den Nylon Broom 300mm
Soft Fill
Code 71608
Carwash - 200mm
Soft Fill
Code 71508
Truckwash - Den Nylon Fill - Soft
355mm Code 73114
455mm -
Code 73118
610mm - Code 73124
Maxi Bi Level Wateway Brush Head
Medium Soft (Head only)
Code PR665
Maxi Bi Level Wateway Brush Head
Medium Soft (Head only)
Code PR665
Truck Washer Brush Bi Level - 350mm
Code TWB350
Enka-fill Car Cloth Polyvinyl Alcohol Cloth -Top Quality -leaves surfaces streak free
540 x 650 - Code 540
370 x 430 - Code 370

Swivel Head Squeegee
Code SHS001
Hand Squeege
Code HS300
Threaded Fitting For Brushes
Code BB399
Soap Dispenser Unit
Code BB274
Waterflo Handle with tap
0.9m - Code BB278
1.6m - Code BB276
0.9 - 1.8m -Code BB273
1.6 - 3m - Code BB360
1.8 - 3.6m - Code BB361
Handle with Soap Dispenser
2 Stage
0.9 -1.8m Code BB391
1.2 -2.4M Code BB392S
1.8 - 3.6M Code BB393S

3 Stage
1.2 - 3.6m -Code BB394S
1.9 - 5.4m -Code BB395S
2.5 - 7.3m -CodeBB396S
Plain Alloy Handles 25mm
Xtra Heavy Duty 6060 Grade - ISO 9001- NZ Made
Jumbo Bug Sponge

Code PE 002
Raven Soap Sticks (5 per pkt)
Code BRU 003
Browns Soap Sticks (10 per pkt)
Code BRU 004

Please note! - Use the description & code underneath pictures to identify items when ordering.

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