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We offer a large range of products to the food and hygiene industry. We also offer colour coded brushes,handles and cleaning equipment to minimise cross contamination of bacteria between different areas. Colour coding of zones also improve the level of hygiene at critical areas.These products are of good quality.

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Cleaning Brushes

254mm Hygiene Deck Scrub
Firm Bristle

Code AV185

254mm Floor Scrub Head
Firm Bristle -
Code AC023
Hygiene Floor Scrubber Head
355mm Stiff Bristle (Assorted Colours)
Code AU184
Poly Deck Scrub Head
Stiff Bristle - Assorted Colours
200mm -
Code 71108

Hygiene Floor Scrub - Firm
Complete with Alloy Handle -
Head Only
Code 8069
Waterway Head - Stiff Fill
Code BA269
450mmMedium Stiff Poly Broom
Code B12131

450mm Extra Stiff Poly Broom
Code 12132

600mm Extra Stiff Poly Broom
Code 12142

600mm Medium Stiff Poly Broom
Code 12132

Dairy BroomHead
455mm Firm Bristle
Limited Stock
Industrial Hygiene Broom
455mm Firm Bristle
Limited Stock
Plastic Back Broom

Firm Bristle - Assorted Colours
Code AN115

Hygiene Broom Soft Fill -
355mm Code 71121
455mm Code 71209
600mm Code 72107

Grey Flagged Broom
Soft Bristle

Code 72314
Triple Hole Tanker Brush
Firm Bristle - Code AV456BL
Boot Cleaner
Replacement Brushes
Code 80118
Medium Boot Cleaning Brush
Code 80300
Grout Brush and Handle
Code ME48B
Grout Brush Head
Code BBY55

Den Nylon Broom
Code 72410
311 Broom Head -
Complete with Handle-
Code 311
312 Broom 300mm(Bristle/Fibre mix)
Extra soft
Complete Broom

Code 312
600 House Broom -Assorted Colours
Medium Bristle

Code 600
Household Broom
Medium PVC Bristle
Complete with Handle
Code 8008

Azlon Broom Head
Medium Firm Bristle
House Broom Head - Oates Type
Soft Bristle - 300mm
Code B10401

Regency Broom
Soft Bristle (Ideal for skirtings)
300mm - Complete
Code 716006
Electrostatic Broom

Hand Scrubs

Long Gong Brush
(Hot and Cold Water)
Firm Bristle
Code 8048
Long Gong Brush
Code 73518
Hygiene Gong Brush
Firm Bristle
Code 8017M
Economy Gong Brush - Coloured
Firm Bristle
Code AT164
Gong Brush - Assorted Colours
Code BRU126
Flat Scrub - Firm Bristle
Code 8015
Corner Scrub- Assorted Colours
Code 8016
Loop Scrub
Firm Bristle
Code 760205
Round Hand Scrub - Firm Bristle 125mm Dia
Code AB766
Waterfed Hand Brush - Firm
Code 760721

(Limited Stock )
Double Sided Nail Brush
Medium Bristle
Code BJ790
Bridge Nail Brush
Code 8030

Nail Brush - Clear
Code 8031
Nail Brush - Raven
Code 8019
Hand-Nail Brush - Firm Bristle

Code BJ225
Dish Brush
Code 8002

De Luxe Dish Brush
Code 8003
Minature Nylon Brush
Code MNB25
Mini Nylon Brush


H.Duty Plastic D.R Squeegee Head Only
Limited Stock
Code NYL 001
Vero Squeegee - Double Rubber
45cm Code 8300
55cm-Code 8301
75cm -Code 8302
Complete with Handle
600mm Squeegee
Head Only
With H.Duty Handle
Rubber Refill
Wooden Squeegee - Complete
305mm - Code 20114
455mm - Code 20118
610mm - Code 20124
760mm - Code 20130
915mm - Code 20136
Curved Squeegee
600mm Head

Code 20424
Single Blade Hygiene Food Grade Floor Squeegee 600mm - Made in the EU- complete with alloy handle.
Assorted colours - red, blue, green, orange,yellow, white,black,purple
Code ET928
Single Blade Hygiene Food Grade Floor Squeegee 600mm- Made in the EU- complete with alloy handle.
Assorted colours - red, blue, green,orange, yellow, white, black, purple
Code ET928

Mr Slick Junior
Code 1006

Mr Slick Service Station
Code 1034
Mr Slick Refill
Code 1009
Bathroom Squeegee
Code 1043
Window Cleaning Squeegee
200mm -Code 1036
300mm -Code 1037
Code 1038

200mm Bathroom Squeegee

Code ET851
Hand Squeegee - Tiles, glass, bench tops, auto bodies etc.
Code HS300
Limited Stock

350g Mop Head
Code AL 822
Anti Bacterial Mop Head
24oz Commercial Mop Head
Code MH450
Anti Tangle Loop Mop
Assorted Colours

Kentucky Hospital Mop
Assorted Colours
350g -

Code AL544B
Hospital Round Mop Refill

Wet Mop 450g
Code AL 485
Ezy Squeeze - antibac

Code EZY
Mop Refill - antibac

Squeeze Mop
- Refill
Plastic Mop Clip
Code AL 541
Senior Mop
Code 2010
Junior Mop
Code 2001
2 Bolt Refill
Code 2003
Senior Refill

Code 2011


600mm Modacrylic Mop
Metal Frame
Code MCM600

Metal Frame -
Refill -
Code MCM910
Scissor Mop
Code SCI 001
Microfibre Mop - 600mm
Code:MF350 -
Micro Mop Refill - 600mm
Code MMR
Lambs Wool Duster
Code 6002
Cotton Mop Refill - 600mm
- Special
Code CMR600
Domed Cobweb Broom
Code AH064

Perfect Duster
Code 6008
Duster with Telescopic Pole
Code 6008TEL
Dust Wiz
Code AL1153C
Dust Wiz Refill
Code AL1153
Cobweb Broom
Code AH069
Dustpans & Shovels

Oates Brush and Pan
Code B4001
Browns Brush and Pan
Code AD044
Hygiene Brush and Pans
Assorted Clours
Code AD046
Raven Deluxe Brush and Pan
Code 8003
Designer Brush & Pan -
Brush only
Code BM403
Rubber Blade Brush and Pan Set
Code AD050
Budget Brush and Pan Set

Hygiene Bannister Brush
Assorted Colours
Code AD045
Raven Bannister Brush
Assorted Colours
Code 8004
Fold Away Upright Brush and Pan Set
Code 8150
Raven Eco Upright Dustpan -
Code 8154
Swing Upright Brush and Pan Set
Assorted Colours

Upright Dustpan & Broom

Code BRU737
Electrostatic Dustpan Set
Code EDS2
Hand Shovel - Nylon
Code 7851
Jumbo Commercial Dustpan -
325 x 280mm
Code 325COM
270mm x 200mm x 80mm Industrial Dustpan - Galvanised Steel
Code IND300
400mm Industrial Dustpan -
Galvanised Steel

Code IND400
- limited stock
Jumbo Scoop
Code 8052
Coloured Shovels - Polypropylene Food
Grade - Assorted Clours - Top Quality

Galvanised Wringer Bucket
on wheels -
Wringer Bucket
-(Sabco Type)
Hand Wringer Mop Bucket - 12lt
Code SAB12
Wringer Mop Bucket - 12lt
Code AL601
(Brandsmay differ)
Window Bucket 18lt
Code WIN18
12 lt Window Bucket
Code ET867
H/Duty Plastic Bucket -11litre
Code 760701
25lt Window Bucket
(Subject to avaiability)
Code WIN25
Squeeze Mop Bucket
Code ET866
General Purpose Bucket - 9lt
Code GPB9
9lt Bucket
Code MS- 009

15Lt Bucket - Calibrated
Code BU15
25Lt - Calibrated
Code BU25
Food Grade Polypropylene
100ml - Code BCYL100
250ml - Code BCYL250
500ml - Code BCYL500
(Min Order = 6)

Measuring Jug
Food Grade Polypropylene, Non Drip Spout
Chemical Resistant & Robust Construction
250ml - Code BJUG250

500ml - Code BJUG500
1000ml - Code BJUG1000
2000ml - Code BJUG2000
3000ml - Code BJUG3000
5000ml - Code BJUG5000
Used in Hospitals,Catering,Laboratories,
& Dairy Industry

Scoop (Dry Food)
Food Grade Polypropylene - UV Stabilised
0.5kg(1Litre) - Code BS50
1Kg(2 Litre) - Code BS100

12 month warranty against normal wear & Tear
Cambro Scoop - Food Grade Polycarbonate
680g - Code 7403
1.8kg - Code 7404

Griddle Pad Screen
Code GPS001
Griddle Cleaning Pad
Green -
Black -

Code GCP250
Hot Plate Griddle Tool
Black Scouring Pad
Code HN860bl
Green Scouring Pad
Code HN860g
Brown Scouring Pad

Code HN860BR
Red Scouring Pad 200x150mm
Code HN860R
Stainless Steel Scourer
Buffing Pads
Eager Beaver Hand Tool
Eager Beaver Floor Tool -
Eager Beaver Pad -
Red, green,white
Code AL1137
Eager Beaver Pad -
Red, green,white
Code AL1137


300mm Floor Scraper
(Stanless/Steel Blade
(Spring Steel Blade)
Code SCR001

200mm Floor Scraper
Complete with Alloy Handle
Code SCR002
150mm Scraper
Code NTPES150
Heat Resistant Scraper
Food Grade
- Nylon
250 L x 100 W
Code 7490
Tube&Radial Brushes

Slimline Toilet Tidy Set

Code 8024
Stainless Steel Toilet Tidy Set

Code 8232
Round Toilet Set

Code 8025

Radial Toilet Brush

Radial Toilet Brush Set

Code AA760
Toilet Brush

Code 8023
Floline Brush Head Only
53mm -
70mm -
80mm -
120mm -
PVC Handle 1m -
Code FLO300
Hygiene Turkshead Brush
Code 60205
Chute Brush
Toilet Twist Brush
Code AA004


Plain Alloy Handles 25mm
Xtra Heavy Duty 6060 Grade - ISO 9001- NZ Made
Code XHD001

25mm Heavy Duty Alloy Handle
Code ED25
25mm x 1.4m Alloy Handle - Swivel Cap
25mm x 1.8m Alloy Handle - B1800
22mm x 1.25m Budget Handle
Code BUDG22
Swivel End Caps - 25mm
Code SW001
25mm Ferrule
Code FER25
Plain Thread Caps
25mm and 22mm
Alloy available
Color Coded Thread Caps


Mutton Cloth Gr 1
2.5kg Mutton Cloth Roll
Towelling Cloth
Code TOW165

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